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Kenneth Eash

Teen life/career coach, Empowering Forward Momentum

Owner, Construction & Handyman Services

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Doing what I love, and helping people along the way.

Design the life you want to live!!

Your dream life and career is NOT going to happen for you automatically, you have to be intentional with the way you live your life. It requires:

  • An inspiring VISION to keep you motivated to do the next thing.

  • Clear GOALS so you know what you need to be working on NOW!

  • Strong HABITS to make your success virtually automatic. 

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    Here's what my people say

    He’s been empowered to take more initiative in his own life. He’s being more proactive in his responsibilities and really has him future thinking.


    ...really helped us to be more respectful and understanding when situations come up and we don't exactly agree. I highly recommend the DISC assessment with Kenneth.


    I'm Ken Eash 

    My life purpose is to empower others to live intentionally, and create the life they want to live.

    Construction biz owner, 12 years.

    Intermittent podcaster, 2 years.

    Empowering human action, always.

    I coach teens to turn doubt into confidence, tap into their strengths, and discover what excites them, so they can create a fulfilling career doing work they love.

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