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Teen Catalyst.

Find Your North

Overcome self doubt, create confidence and clarity around your future, and build thriving relationships.

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  • "Wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the work you’ve done with my son. Since you’ve been working with him, I’ve noticed that he’s been empowered to take more initiative in his own life. He’s being more proactive in his responsibilities and really has him future thinking. You are amazing! And he’s really enjoyed the process too. Thanks again for being the kind of person that nurtures our upcoming generations and helping them become better people."

    Jenni, mom


    What do you get working with us?

    When you start working with us, we instantly focus on what will most quickly get you the results you're after.

    Overcome Self-doubt.

    Identify and eliminate the stressors clouding your mind and causing you to doubt yourself.

    Create Confidence

    Gain confidence and clarity on your life and career future.

    Build Relationships

    Build lasting relationships by learning what it is that makes people tick. 

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    How we help you grow?

    We help you to identify what's blocking your forward momentum, and overcome it to create an impactful life.

    Personal Growth Strategy

    Recognize your personal strengths, identify your areas of weakness, and develop a plan of action to ensure lasting change.

    Life Purpose Statement 

    Dive deep into your aspirations toward the future, recognize the impact you want to create, and visualize the path to achieving it.

    People Skills Development

    Understand people's differences at a much deeper level, and use that knowledge to create impactful relationships.

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    Our THRIVE Package includes

  • The Teen Catalyst program

  • 12 1on1 coaching calls

  • DISC personality assessment

  • Unlimited email, text, and chat support

  • and much more...

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    How we work?

    We follow a very specialized approach in our process of evaluation, designing, and implementation, which is defined below.

    Personal Assessment

    We conduct a 90 minute workshop with our clients in which we help to  better understand their personality type, communication style, pace of action, and personal motivators.

    Step by Step Blueprint

    Once we clearly understand the big picture goals we break it down to high level and granular level action steps, and develop clear path to a fulfilling life and career.

    Execution and Support

    We help map out the personalized action steps to make your life and career goals super achievable, while providing unlimited support to help keep you on track.

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    Read what our clients have to say

    We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

    "He’s been empowered to take more initiative in his own life. He’s being more proactive in his responsibilities and really has him future thinking."



    "He helps my kids by asking what they want to become when they are older and how their gonna get there. He talks to them about how to embrace their inner self.



    I liked talking about "setting personal goals like coding, cleaning my room."



    Are you ready to jump-start your future?

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